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Provides KLES history information.
2021. 08 CE Certification – Safety Plus System _ Smart scaffolding safety-management system
2021. 07 Authorized as an Excellent Export-Import Safety Management Company (AEO)
2021. 01 -Designated as a Promising Export Firm by Ministry of SMEs & Startups – Pipe shock absorber, Fine-dust reduction system
-Direct production confirmation certificate registration – Fine-dust reduction bus stop
2020. 12 Direct production confirmation certificate registration – Agrivoltaic power generation system
2020. 08 -Construction Partner Certification by GS Power Co., Ltd. _Special purpose machines, Scaffolding structure disassembling
-Daejeon Star Company, selected
2020. 07 -KHNP Qualified Providers, registered (Q-class) - Snubbers
-“W12B MOCK-UP” Partnering MOU, signed with SK E&C.
2020. 06 Certificate of Product Selected for Development, acquired - Agrivoltaic power generation system
2020. 04 CE certification for SKYFFOLDING™, acquired
2020. 02 Excellent Company for the“Labor-Management Win-Win Model” Good Workplace Project hosted by the Daejeon Metropolitan, selected.
2019. 11 Excellent Company Certification by Korea Midland Power Co., Ltd.
2019. 07 "SKYFFOLDING™ User Conference 2019”, hosted
2019. 02 Munji-Dong New H/Q Building construction, completed
2018. 12 Certificate of Product Selected for Development, acquired - In-Furnace Scaffold Smart Safety
Management System
2018. 10 Broadcasted KBS TV Show‘Our boss's got beautifully crazy
2018. 09 Presidential Award of Capital Goods Industry Veterans
2018. 05 Munji-Dong New H/Q Building Construction Commencement
2018. 01 "SKYFFOLDING™ User Conference 2018”, hosted
2017. 12 -Established KLESINDOJAYA, an overseas operation located in Jakarta, Indonesia
-Designation of human resource fostering SME, selected - (Honored Entrepreneur Award, won)Host
2017. 11 The best partner company of Korea South-East Power Co., Ltd., awarded
2017. 10 The Electric Work License, acquired
2017. 09 The Minister of SMEs & Startups's Award for the contributions to Electric Equipment Industrial Advancement, won
2016. 11 Certification of 5 power generation corporations for Qualified Maintenance Company, acquired (Shock absorber and 13 other items)
2016. 06 -KEPIC_MN certification, acquired
-Certification of New Excellent Technology, acquired - Installation and disassembly methodology for in-furnace scaffolding and lifting systems
2016. 01 -Excellent Performance Certification (EPC), acquired - Platform-supported scaffolding and lifting systems
-ASME NS Certificate of Authorization, acquired
2015. 10 -Prime Minister’s award in recognition of developing superior capital goods, won
-Chair company of the council for Joint Entry of Korea Midland Power Co. to Overseas Markets, selected
2015. 06 ROK Grand Prize for Excellent Patent (HANKOOK ILBO). wpm
2015. 02 CE Certification for Sprinkler Management System, acquired
2015. 01 -Certification of Product selected for Development– Multiaxial Pipe Shock Absorber, acquired
-KEPCO’s Trusted Partner, selected
2014. 11 The partner company for KPS with KEPCO –Outside repair and manufacture, registered
2014. 10 Certification of Product Selected for Development –Desulfurization GGH Re-heater, acquired
2014. 09 The excellent company following a corporate risk assessment, selected
2014. 08 SONCAP–PC Certificate, acquired
2014. 07 CE Certification for Multiaxial Pipe Shock Absorber, acquired
2014. 06 The Excellent SME dedicated to green management, confirmed
2014. 04 Registered with the Korea East-West Power Co. as a member of the SME consultative body.
2014. 02 The member of the Korea International Trade Association, registered
2013. 12

-The engineering contractor, registered
-The promising export SME, selected

2013. 11 A state-of-the-art technology company, selected
2013. 09 -K-OHSMS 18001 Certification, acquired
-Confirmation of direct production - Universal testing machine
-Prime Minister’s award for enhancing national productivity, won
-An Excellent Company dedicated to increasing productivity, selected
2013. 08 -Excellent Performance Certification (EPC) -Triaxial Displacement Measuring Device for Pipe Monitoring, acquired
-CE Certification for PLUMBER, acquired
-Management Innovation SME (MAIN-BIZ), confirmed
2013. 07 KLESJAYA, established - Overseas operation in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
2013. 06 Registered as a scaffolding and structure dismantling contractor.
2013. 04 Company Capital, increased (KRW500 mil. → KRW1 billion)
2013. 03 KLES Head Office, relocated  (1330, Gwanpyeong-dong Yuseong-gu, Daejeon City)
2012. 11 Registered state-of-the-art products with the Ministry of Knowledge Economy.
2012. 11 A merit award from the Korea Aerospace Research Institute, won
2012. 10 Registered as a mechanical works contractor.
2012. 09 Capital (KRW200 mil. → KRW500 mil.), increased
2012. 06 Malaysia ILSAS- KLES Integrated Piping Simulator [IKIPS], opened 
2012. 05 Relocated Head Office (Yuseong-gu, Daejeon City)
2012. 02 Registered with KHNP as a qualified supplier.
2011. 09 Certified by Korea Southern Power Co. as a qualified maintenance company.
2011. 09 Certified by Korea East-West Power Co. as a qualified maintenance company.
2011. 08 -Certified by Korea Midland Power Co. as a qualified maintenance company.
-Increased Capital (KRW100 mil. → KRW200 mil.)
2011. 01 ISO 14001 certification, acquired
2010. 12 -MOU with Sungkyungwan Univ. Industry-Academia Cooperation Group., signed
-Confirmation of direct production
-Korea Pipe Technology Training Center (KLES Academy), opened
-Certification of a qualified maintenance company, by Korea Western Power Co.
2010. 10

Certification of a qualified maintenance company, by Korea South-East Power Co.

2010. 09 -The best partner company of Korea South-East Power Co., selected
-A Promising SME by Daejeon City, selected
2010. 08 "One-KEPCO Exporting Company“, selected
2010. 02 An Engineering Entity, registered
2009. 11 Relocated the Head Office and its attached research institute. (Cheonan → Daejeon)
2009. 06 -A prize from the Administrator of the S&M Business Administration, won
-TNBR MOU with the Malaysian Power Research Institute, signed
2007. 06 INNO-BIZ, confirmed
2006. 12 Registered as a company designated by the Ministry of Knowledge Economy as being dedicated to developing parts and materials.
2006. 09 A prize by the Minister of Commerce, Industry, and Energy, awarded
2006. 08 ISO 9001 certification, acquired
2006. 01 Certification of its Corporate Research Institute, acquired
2005. 12 A Corporate Venture, certified
2004. 01 KLES Inc., established